how to create an array(1 by 5000) having random values in the range(9-11).

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sanky kumar
sanky kumar on 10 Sep 2013
i have to put the array value as input for sine function, but i guess there are certain limitations for that. it would be great if you could help P.S: new to matlab excuse my immaturity.

Answers (1)

Attila on 10 Sep 2013
Use the uniform distribution function rand(), that outputs values between 0..1 and multiply the values by 2 and add the base 9:
uni = rand(1,5000)*2 + 9
Attila on 10 Sep 2013
There are no limitations. As sine is a periodic function, you can input almost any value. It will return a vector with an identical shape as the input.
results = sin(uni)
plot(1:5000, results, 1:5000, uni)
Is this what you needed?
Edit: MATLAB encourages working with matrices instead of loops. Usually there is a workaround to avoid loops and most of the basic functions can accept vector inputs.

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