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How do i separate a video into frames without displaying all the frames in different figures?

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I have a code that takes a video and separate it into frames.I would like to NOT keep all the frames, instead i want each frame to be displayed in the previous figure. The code looks like these:
filename = uigetfile; %get the file name
obj = VideoReader(filename);
for k = 1 : nFrames
this_frame = read(obj, k);
thisfig = figure();
thisax = axes('Parent', thisfig);
image(this_frame, 'Parent', thisax);
title(thisax, sprintf('Frame #%d', k));
Another thing that's important is that i calculate intensities from each figure as it comes but i don't need to save the figure after i save the data. Can anyone help me and tell me what i should change in my code? Thanks!


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