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For loop to enter data into a Cell array by calling functions. Creating an array with 'n' number of rows. Displaying content onto a uitable

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Harith K
Harith K on 3 Jun 2011
Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to make a simple student database. I'm trying to display the data onto a uitable. Now my problem is how do I make this program run 'n' number of times and store the data into a new row every time data is added. eg when 2 students are selected to be in a specific course, there would be 2 rows in the uitable with the 2 students' names. Here's the main script file:
*disp('Welcome To The Student Directory')
e = menu(' ');
p = numbers; %function to ask how many students
for x=1:p
if e == 1
Cell = {name,ID,total}; %functions for the name, ID, and total marks (which contains CW and final marks functions etc) end
if e == 2
Cell = {ID,name,total};
a = uitable;
fprintf('Thank you for using our program \n A window will open displaying the Students Name alongwith their total marks and Grade \n')
ColName = {'Name','ID','Total Marks','Grades'};
oh and I thought of making a vector for EACH of the functions (eg name, ID, total, etc) but then if the number of students selected is 5, the function will ask for ALL 5 names before moving onto ID and so on.
How do i make it loop ALL the functions 'n' number of times (i.e. 'n' students) and store it onto a cell array with one row displaying all the data for ONE student? I'm new to MATLAB :( any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Thanks so much for your time !
Harith K
Harith K on 3 Jun 2011
Sorry dint notice the code was so badly formatted =/ Anyway, I've read up on structs. I was wondering which is better to display the results?

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Answers (1)

Brian Cody
Brian Cody on 6 Jun 2011
Hi Harith,
You probably want something like this:
for row=1:nStudents
Cell{row, 1} = Name;
Cell{row, 2} = ID;
Cell{row, 3} = Total;
% Do this for all values in a given row.
Bear in mind that a uitable cannot display data that is in a structure array. It can only display numeric, logical, or cell data. And if you are using a cell array for your data, that cell array must contain only numeric, logical, or string values.
I hope this helps!

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