Add additional information to scatter plot points

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I have a table of data I want to plot into a scatter plot. The table has a number of qualities that are associated with each point.
The table is roughly 1600x6 as such:
[ Cost | Time | Iteration | ValueA | ValueB | ValueC ]
I want to graph it as a scatter plot of Cost vs. Time which is obviously easy enough, but I want to make it so that when I mouse over a data point on the figure it shows me the other 4 pieces of information. I found that what shows when mousing over a point can be changed with datacursormode and using the displayInformation function, but I can't find a way to associate the data in the table with the appropriate point within the figure. I was wondering if there was some easyish way to associate that data correctly so that I may show all the necessary information in the mouseover data cursor?

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Sam on 6 Jul 2021
You can use datatips for doing this. Read more about datatips here.
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Sam on 6 Jul 2021
You can also have a look at DataTipTemplate and DataTipRows. Here's a great post i found that uses them for an application similar to yours. Read more here

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