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List Boxes in Matlab GUI

Asked by Dimple

Dimple (view profile)

on 20 Sep 2013

I have some problem in my code while generating the output using list box

My two list boxes are each displaying a set of values that correspond to the x and y values of my data set.

 X and y values are string values like "red". "blue", "green".

when i select the data item in both the list boxes, it will be linked to the data set and search for the selected item from x and Y and display the Z value from the data set which is again a string...

1 Comment

David Sanchez

David Sanchez (view profile)

on 20 Sep 2013

Are you trying something? It is difficult to help you with the information you give, could you ask your question in a question way?


Dimple (view profile)


0 Answers

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