Read data from two data files and save them organized into multiples files

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Tesla on 18 Jul 2021
Commented: Aristo Pacino on 20 Jul 2021
I want to write a code that reads X coordinates from x.dat and Y coordinates from y.dat, then save X Y coordinates for each particle in different file with 3 columns: Time, X, Y. (if i have for example 10 particles i will get 10 files)
In the picture the form of the data. Each columns is for each particle, and lines are for the times iterations.

Accepted Answer

Aristo Pacino
Aristo Pacino on 19 Jul 2021
nsize = size(x);
n = nsize(2); %%%% selecting only column of matrix
I am assuming x.dat and y.dat has same coloumns. Also try inserting the time in the ans matrix
for i=1:n
ans = [time(i),x(:,i),y(:,i)];
filename = strcat('test',num2str(i),'.dat')

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