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Why am I unable to install MATLAB using Download Only offline files on Mac?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 29 Jul 2021
There are a couple known issues that could occur with the installer obtained through the Download Only workflow:
  • MacOS Gatekeeper
  • Installation files are located in a 'Protected' location 

MacOS Gatekeeper

In the first scenario, the Download Only workflow is performed on a machine with internet access, the files are compressed and moved to the target machine to be installed. 
The security feature Gatekeeper on Mac will add a quarantine attribute to any files downloaded from the internet to flag that it be checked and blocked if needed. If you upload a compressed/zipped copy of the MATLAB Download Only files to a file share website(such as SFT), when you download the files it will have this quarantine flag. This flag will stop the InstallForMacOSX inside of the Download Only files from being run once it is unzipped.
To confirm that the downloaded zip file has this attribute, run the following command in a Terminal window:
xattr <path to zip file>
This command will list out all of the attributes on the zipped file. If it has been quarantined, you will see the following:
You can remove this by running the following command in a Terminal window:
sudo xattr -r -d <path to zip file>
The -r option allows the quarantine attribute of all files inside of the zip to be changed and the -d removes the given attribute value. Once the above command has been run, you can unzip the Download Only files and then run the installer like you would normally with the offline installation workflow.
You may need to move the Download Only files out of the /Downloads directory in order to be able to run the installer after removing the quarantine flag. A location such as /Users/Shared will typically be more permissive.

Installation files are located in a 'Protected' location 

In the second scenario, the installer is trying run from a 'protected' location such as ~/Desktop, or ~/Downloads. In most cases, moving the installer to an 'unprotected' location such as /Users/Shared will allow the installer to run.

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