Importing data sheet from excel sheet to matlab

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suppose a = 1:3:20, b = 1:2:10, d=((a-b)/a)*100, i want each answer seperately, can anyone help me ?
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Nagarjuna on 2 Oct 2013
Thank you, nice meeting you, csn u tell me your email id?

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Amit Nambiar
Amit Nambiar on 2 Oct 2013
Edited: Amit Nambiar on 2 Oct 2013
to find value of d array your arrays a and b must have the same no. of elements...I have modified that and printed the table that contains a b and d... If you want some more information...reply to this answer... happy to help always... :P clc a = 1:3:20;
b = 1:2:14;

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