R2012b xPC Target xpcexplr cannot open

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Hello everybody,
I have a problem using xPC Target on my system (MatLab R2012b, Simulink xPC Target Package, Java 1.7.0_40 and 1.6.0_31).
Actually, I wanted to connect a Target via xPC, so I did the setup as descried in the documentation. (mex -setup is done, xpcsetCC('setup') is done). My Problem: I cannot open the xpc Explorer with the command line prompt xcpexplr. Then I get 5 times the Error window: "Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt." After that the Error window: "GetExportedValue" kann icht vor dem Festlegen des erfoderlichen Imports "Desktop.Xpc.TargetExplorer.TargetsExplorerModule.MainMenu.Root")" aufgerufen werden." I assume the problem is, that I cannot open the GUI for the explorer (there I updated my Java to the Versions stated above). For example xpctest runs ok, with the estimated failure messages, as I cannot edit it in the explorer.
The same MatLab Version on another PC is running the XPC explorer fine, so where do I have to check my system, so that the xpc-explorer GUI ist opening?
Remark: I already uninstalled the xPC package and I also uninstalled MatLab completely and installed it new, without success
Thank you in advance for any tips or help!

Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 2 Oct 2013
thats a bug. Patch can be found here.

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Pascal Viertel
Pascal Viertel on 6 Sep 2018
Is it still happening with 2016b? Got the same error


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