ERROR in EDFwrite due to datestr() function

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EDFwrite doesn't work correctly with the new version of Matlab (2021a 4).
When I run the EDFwrite I always get this error:
Error using datestr (line 131)
Not enough input arguments.
Error in edfwrite/getFileProperties (line 1738)
obj.FileModDate = string(datestr(fileInfo.datenum));
Error in edfwrite (line 502)
obj = getFileProperties(obj, fileInfo, true);
Is there someone who can kindly tell me how to fix it?
Thank you!
Federico Del Gallo
Federico Del Gallo on 3 Aug 2021
Edited: Federico Del Gallo on 3 Aug 2021
Yes maybe it is right, but the puzzling thing is that with the same file and same instructions with a previous version of MATLAB 2021a , I mean no the version with Update 4, everything works correctly.

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Accepted Answer

Anshika Chourasia
Anshika Chourasia on 13 Aug 2021
In order to further investigate the issue, I need minimal reproducible code along with any EDF file so that the root of the error can be found.
However, the current and recommended workaround is to use 'cd' to change directory to the folder that contains the EDF file.
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Federico Del Gallo
Federico Del Gallo on 23 Aug 2021
Thank you so much, using 'cd' to change directory, as you suggested, I fix the error.
Many thanks

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