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how to combine saved figure files in a subplot

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Jorge Rivé
Jorge Rivé on 10 Oct 2013
Answered: Farhad Sedaghati on 22 Jun 2015
I've found help on the web regarding combining saved figure files in a subplot using the copyobj command. However, I can't seem to be able to copy the complete figures which include titles, text, and a legend. Is there anyway to copy the saved plot (with all its attributes) into a subplot?

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Jan on 10 Oct 2013
Where did you found which method? Please post what you have tried so far, than adding the new details is much easier than writing the complete code from scratch guessing many details.
You cannot copy a saved plot "with all details" to a subplot, because e.g. a legend does not belong to the plot axes directly.

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Farhad Sedaghati
Farhad Sedaghati on 22 Jun 2015
This following function helps you to put several fig files next to each other as subplots:


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