MATLAB license will not allow me to use multiple users

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I recently bought a license for MATLB with the expectation to be able to login using different accounts on the computer, however, when I try to launch the software and login using any user with the exception of one, it gives me a pop up with an error message saying "License checkout failed. Your user license does not match the username in the license file". Is there any way of changing it so that multiple users can use the one license on the same computrer. I only have it downloaded on one laptop.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Aug 2021

There are two possibilities:

  • a Dedicated Host license. Any one person at a time can use the license when physically sitting at the laptop. This is a more expensive license.
  • A Floating network licence. You would set up a license server, and any one person at a time (who can authenticate on the license server) can use the license, not restricted to a particular laptop but only one simultaneously. This is the most expensive license Mathworks offers.

There are other license types that can be used for groups of people; you should talk to Mathworks Sales about which one is best for you.

Student license can never be Dedicated Host or Network Floating: those are only for Standard license or Educational licenses.

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