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How does this function "regionprops" to find the orientation of any object?

Asked by marian wagdy on 22 Oct 2013
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How does this function "regionprops" to find the orientation of any object?


thanks. could you write how i calculate it? if is possible the matlab code because i have no idea how to calculate.
many thanks
You'd use [y, x, z] = find(binaryImage) and then pass them into pca(). I don't have a demo for exactly that, but I'm attaching a demo of using pca to determine axes for a color gamut, for whatever that's worth.
thanks for your replay. i have another question to ask you. i would like to know what is the method that regionprops label the object? because i used this function to get centroid and volume(sum voxel for each blob)but i don't understand this aspect. thank you very much

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Answer by David Legland on 22 Oct 2013
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Hi Marian,
the code is in the regionprops function, you can access it via "edit regionprops", and checking the "ComputeEllipseParams" function.
The principle is to compute the inertia ellipse of a shape. It is obtained by computing normalised centered moments. The matrix of Inertia is obtained from the normalised moments of order 2 : Ixx, Ixy, and Iyy. By extracting eigen values and eigen vectors of the inertia matrix, it is possible to obtain the direction of the first eigen vector, that is converted into angle.


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 22 Oct 2013

It fits the blob to an ellipse and then gets the angle of the major axis of the ellipse from the horizontal. Note: the major axis of the fitted ellipse is not the farthest distance between two points in the blob.


Yes, I know this, but I want to know the details of this function by using the mathematical equations,and the code

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