Why has a new MATLAB task been added to my Windows Task Scheduler?

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Upon completing an installation of MATLAB R2011b a new "MATLAB R2011b Startup Accelerator" task was added to the Windows Task Scheduler.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 15 Sep 2011
MATLAB R2011b and later includes a MATLAB Startup Accelerator utility to speed up MATLAB startup. The MATLAB installer configures this utility as a scheduled task on your computer that runs several times each day.
NOTE: The scheduled task is not a running process and will not consume system resources.
By default the startup accelerator runs at 8:00am and 1:00pm every day and anytime you logon to your computer. While no modification is required, the startup accelerator works best if coordinated with your particular MATLAB usage. To take full advantage of the startup accelerator, you should schedule it to run at a time just before you typically start MATLAB.
The Windows Task Scheduler is used to modify the default configuration. You can access the Windows Task Scheduler via the Windows Control Panel, under Administrative Tools. Using task triggers you can customize when the startup accelerator runs. You can also add triggers, delete triggers, or delete the startup accelerator task completely.
Installing the MATLAB Startup Accelerator on a Network Client
1. Install MathWorks products on your server.
2. Share the network location of the startup accelerator configuration
utility with network clients. The startup accelerator configuration utility is named InstallMATLABStartupAccelerator.exe and is located in the $MATLAB/bin/win32|64 (where $MATLAB is the root installation location) folder.
3. On each client system, run the startup accelerator configuration utility.
This utility adds the MATLAB Startup Accelerator as a scheduled task on the client computer. By default, the task is scheduled to run at 8:00am, 1:00pm, and at logon. These settings can be changed using the Windows Task Scheduler.

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