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Silvia on 14 Jun 2011
In magnetic resonance,how can I create scout lines in matlab?. Can someone help me? Thenk you


Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 14 Jun 2011
Could you be more specific please? What do you have and expect?
Silvia on 15 Jun 2011
In magnetic resonance imaging with two series having same
FrameofReferenceUID, how can I create SCOUT/LOCALIZER lines? I mean, I have a sagital image and 20 axial images and I want to draw scout lines in sagital image. Sagital image and axial images have different ImageOrientationPatient.

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Bob Hamans
Bob Hamans on 15 Jun 2011
I think I do understand what you are trying to achieve and can even see the point in why you would want to do that. :-) First have a look at the dicominfo function to retrieve some relevant parameters:
dinfo.ImagePositionPatient; % Left bottom corner
dinfo.PixelSpacing(1) * dinfo.Columns; % 1st dimension, etc
dinfo.ImageOrientationPatient; % Orientation vector
Using the above values from both your scout and sagital images you can calculate the intersection of the two. This is actually the complicated part I cannot cook up in a minute.
I also suggest to have a real good look at the file exchange because I would expect something like what you are looking for to be present already.


Bob Hamans
Bob Hamans on 6 Jul 2011
A new submission in the File Exchange might be of interest to you:

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