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cyberdyne on 16 Jun 2011
I've a logic output that for a few seconds go to zero. How can I make it to be not sensible to these intervals if they are shorter than an specific constant by simulink?
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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 16 Jun 2011
Could you please clarify this question? Are you saying that you have this logical signal is connected to blocks, and that you don't want these blocks to be sensitive to some variations in your signal?

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Doug Eastman
Doug Eastman on 17 Jun 2011
It sounds like you are trying to create debounce logic where you only want to go low if the input is held low for a certain period of time.
The easiest way to implement this is in Stateflow, see Debouncer Model.
Another approach might be to add a delay to the input and sum the current input and the delayed input and put the sum through a relay block. That way it will only go high when both are high and only go low when both are low.

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