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How can I pass input parameters when running MATLAB in batch mode in Windows?

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I want to be able to pass input arguments to the MATLAB file that I want executed when starting MATLAB.
When I execute the following at the Windows command prompt:
matlab -r bench 2
The input argument "2" is ignored by MATLAB.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 21 Nov 2011
There are different approaches to passing input arguments as shown below; use the method that is most appropriate for your application.
1. Define your input parameters before executing the script.
When you use the following syntax:
matlab /r myscript
it is equivalent to opening MATLAB and typing "myscript" at the MATLAB prompt. You can define your input parameters after the "/r" switch, effectively passing input parameters to your script.
As an example, suppose you have the following command stored in a script file:
y = sqrt(x)
You can pass the value for x when running MATLAB in batch mode by typing the following at the DOS prompt:
matlab /r "x=2;myscript"
This will first define x as 2 and then "myscript" is called with x already defined.
2. Convert your script file to a function. Input parameters can then be passed into the function.
As an example, suppose you have the script file below:
y = sqrt(x)
You would like to execute this script in batch mode using different values for x. First you need to convert the script to a function as follows:
function y = myfunc(x)
y = sqrt(x);
You can call this function in batch mode by typing the following at a DOS prompt:
matlab /r "myfunc(2)"
This will call the function "myfunc" passing the input parameter 2 to the function.
3. Store your input parameters in a file that the MATLAB script can open.
For example, if you had previously stored values in a MAT-file, you can open the variables in the script by using the following line of code:
load filename
where 'filename' specifies the path location of the MAT-file. In addition, you could use any of the MATLAB File I/O functions to retrieve input parameters. Your choice of function would depend upon the format of the data.
Note that all scripts and functions called when running MATLAB in batch mode must be on the MATLAB search path. Also, in order to run MATLAB so that it is minimized and does not display the splash screen, you need to include the /nodesktop, /nosplash, and /minimize tags. For example:
matlab /minimize /nosplash /nodesktop /r myfunc(2)
For information on how to pass input parameters when running MATLAB in batch mode in UNIX, see the Related Solution.


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Dan Hendrickson
Dan Hendrickson on 8 May 2020
Please contact MathWorks technical support if you still haven't resolved the issue you are facing.
Adam Lange
Adam Lange on 20 Aug 2020
Can strings be passed as arguments this way?
Can strings with spaces in them be passed this way?
If so, how?
I am trying to pass in multiple arguments, for example say they are:
1, 12423.53 and "Hello World"
I think I was able at some point to get them all recognized, but I can not get it to successfully read in "Hello World" as ONE string.
The way I imagine an invocation like this working would be as such:
matlab -r "startupFnn 1 12423.53 \"Hello World\""
But I haven't been able to figure out the correct syntax (If it's even possible)
Jose Ibanez
Jose Ibanez on 5 Jan 2021 at 0:52
I was able to run a script from the command line (on a windows machine) as follows:
c:\MATLAB /nodisplay /nosplash /r "TaskTest(321, '1/4/2021')"
where 321 is a numeric parameter
and '1/4/2021' is a string parameter
My TaskTest,m looked similar to:
function[] = TaskTest(param1, param2)

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