Matlab rounding to zero?

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Cole on 17 Jun 2011
I have some arrays that are ADC values and I simply need to convert them into actual voltage. This is easily done by ADC*Gain however when I do this Matlab gives me zero every time. Below is the code and I am multiplying (.05/65536), the ADC values are int16 data type. My ADC values are like 6000-8000 and so I should be getting around .005 or on the order of mV for my voltage. Any help would be appreciated.
for i=1:10000
A(i,:) = (ans.Channels(1,1).Acquisitions(i,:))*(.05/65536);

Accepted Answer

Gurudatha Pai
Gurudatha Pai on 17 Jun 2011
Like Sean said, convert all variables to some floating point format. You might do something like,
for i=1:10000
A(i,:) = double((ans.Channels(1,1).Acquisitions(i,:)))*(.05/65536);

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 17 Jun 2011
ans =
Multiplication by zero is always zero... Convert to single or double precision.

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