Transformation on ellipsoid

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Sakshi on 18 Jun 2011
I have defined an ellipsoid at origin with its centre and then rotated the ellipsoid followed by translation using hgtransform function. Below is the code that I have used. However, when I am trying to retrieve [x,y,z] after the transformations, the coordinates of the ellipsoid are remaining the same. What is the conceptual mistake that I am making here ?
t = hgtransform; % parent%
set(h,'Parent',t) % making the ellipsoid as the child
C=b*R'+ T; %matrices b, R abd T defined previously
set(t,'matrix',C) % this should do the transformation on ellipsoid
z=get(h,'zdata'); % but these x,y,z remain same ??

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Jun 2011
hgtransform() does not change the stored coordinates, only how the coordinates are processed for rendering.

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