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How can I have the To File block use the file name from a workspace variable in Simulink 6.5 (R2006b)?

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I have a To File block in my model and I want to use a workspace variable containing a string to specify the file name for this block. The To File block does not accept the name of a workspace variable like the Gain block does.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 27 Jun 2009
The To File block does not have the ability to evaluate a workspace variable to get the file name. In this case you can mask the block and call the SET_PARAM function from the mask's initialization callback function. Here are the steps:
1. Select the To File block in your model
2. In the Command Window enter
3. Right-click the block and choose "Edit mask" from the context menu.
4. On the Parameters pane in the Mask Editor add a parameter to store the file name entered by the user
5. On the Initialization pane add a call to SET_PARAM to set the To File block's filename property:
6. You can now enter the filename as string into the block mask or you can enter the name of a variable which is then evaluated
Please find attached an example model. The steps mentioned above could also be used for the following blocks:
- To Workspace
- From Workspace
- To File
- From File

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