What type of Joint is a Straight Slot ?

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Dennis Tan
Dennis Tan on 8 Feb 2011
Bar revolves at pt A. End of length is the straight slot which connects to a fix linear actuator perpendicular to the bar.
actuator linear pull stroke. clevis joint translate in straight slot.
what type of joint is this straight slot. and how to couple?

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Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 15 Apr 2011
If I understand correctly, you want to model a joint with some clearance, is that right? The trick is to measure the position and velocity of the joint, and then use a collision force law, which provides a restoring stifness (and damping) when the penetration (position) goes outside a defined range, e.g:
F = 0 if abs(x) <= x_0, k*(x-x0)+b*x_dot when abs(x) > x_0.
similar to what's in the "Backlash Actuation" subsystem of mech_gears_backlash or in the "Contact Force" subsystem of mech_bouncing_ball.
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Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 15 Apr 2011
PS: probably best to use a custom joint with one revolute and one prismatic primitive, and apply the restoring force or backlash actuation on the prismatic one.

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