ellipsoids intersection volume- how to speed up the code ?

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I have to determine the intersection volume occupied by ellipsoid in 3D space vs the volume occupied by another ellipsoid at a different orientation. I have created bounding boxes around the ellipsoids for this purpose. However, the usage of below commands makes the code slow.
[x y z]= ellispoid(xc,yc,zc,xr,yr,zr,n)
Any suggestions on how to make the code faster. I dont need the graphical visualisation of the ellipsoidal intersection, so can that be somehow eliminated to make code faster ?

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Patrick Kalita
Patrick Kalita on 22 Jun 2011
If you don't want to view the ellipsoid, then simply take out the call to surf.
Sakshi on 22 Jun 2011
I am sorry for not clearly mentioning ths rotation aspect in the question. Thanks a lot,the suggestion given by you has reduced the time to a big extent from 70 seconds to 3 seconds. !

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