Problem 553. How to multiply?

  • Imagine you are in 3012 Anno Domini, when everyone must learn how to multiply,
  • and competing for the highly prestigious post of,
  • Chief Comptroller of Ylpitlum Corporation.
  • You are being tested via MATLAB Cody for multiplication of two positive integers X and Y,
  • both are fortunately in decimal system, and only a few dozen digits or less,
  • and delivered as ASCII strings.
  • Please output the result Z in similar style.
  • Please adopt a general strategy, as X and Y may be changed later.
  • Please rename the function Z = ylpitlum(X,Y).
  • Function Template:
function Z = ylpitlum(X,Y)
   %  098765432109876543210987654321098765432109876543210987654321

Solution Stats

51.39% Correct | 48.61% Incorrect
Last solution submitted on Dec 03, 2016

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