Problem 57482. JannaT is Loved By Me

JannaT was sTarTed loved by me and that time was in 2020.
A year when JannaT will starT loving me when the year divided from the middle is same.
An example: 2020 is the sTarTed loving year because 20 20 can be divided into two parts where 20=20 and so it is the Love sTarTed year.
Otherwise the year is ContinousLy loving year.
An example: 2022 is 20 22 where 20 is not equal 22 and so it the ContinuousLy Loving year.
You are given an year (1000 to 9999) and you have to determine wheather it is a Love sTarTed year or a ContinousLy Loving year.
Note: Use the template code for ans string.
Sample Input : 2121
Sample Output : Love sTarTed year
Sample Input : 2023
Sample Output : ContinousLy Loving year

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