Community Participation Guidelines

To keep MATLAB Central an open, safe, respectful, and tidy environment, it’s important to follow these basic guidelines.


  1. Use descriptive titles and concise summaries.
  2. Strive for clear communication adhering to good spelling and grammar practices.
  3. Make sure your post is related to MathWorks products, services, and the industries where they’re used.
  4. Use search first. There is a pretty good chance someone has asked the same or a similar question.
  5. Remember that not all members are native English speakers. Communication, not correctness, is our goal.


Do not:

  1. Use words like "urgent" or "important" in your subject line
  2. Post the same message twice. If this happens in error, please delete one post.
  3. Use all caps or SHOUT in your posts
  4. Abuse or encourage abuse of the reputation system
  5. Post off-topic replies to a thread
  6. Chastise newcomers or insult other members
  7. Post advertisements
  8. Post copyrighted content
  9. Post personal or confidential information
  10. Post empty or one word responses, such as "great" or "cool"
  11. Post direct links to executable files
  12. Ask for or post MathWorks product license information
  13. Create multiple accounts to evade punishment or avoid restrictions
  14. Edit posts to make them unreadable
  15. Respond to questions/comments if you feel your effort isn't well spent
  16. Offer payment for answers or code, or request payment before providing a solution. This goes against section 2.iv in our terms of use.


Regardless of these guidelines, if moderators or administrators tell you not to do something, don't do it. They reserve the right to change or delete any content if they feel it is inappropriate. It is not our (MathWorks) place to judge why someone posts their content, whether a question, comment, or file.

Generative AI

Responsible usage of generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, is allowed in MATLAB Answers. You are responsible for the content you submit. This includes clearly indicating when AI generated content is incorporated into any post or submission on the platform, verifying and testing the AI generated content when possible, and ensuring that it is relevant, accurate, and compliant with community guidelines.

Conflict Escalation

Please contact the community administrator if you need to bring attention to an issue beyond existing reporting or flagging actions.

Monitoring & Resolving Conflicts

We have a variety of ways of monitoring and resolving conflicts, including, but not limited to

  • Asking you to stop
  • Removing content
  • Removing privileges or adding restrictions to your account
  • Banning participation for up to seven days after four warnings
  • Banning participation permanently as a last resort


Posting requests for MathWorks technical support



See the Terms of Use for details including the copyright ownership of information posted to MATLAB Central.

If you have any questions about these guidelines or feel that a member has violated them, please contact us.