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Compact data uncertainty format

version (2.8 KB) by Peter Mao
given data and uncertainty, this program reformats the number into parenthetic notation.


Updated 9 Jun 2006

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example: reformats '10.3 +- .2' as '10.3(2)'.

usage: >> format_data(10.3,0.2)
ans = '10.3(2)'

Often, it is more compact to represent the uncertainty of a datum by placing the uncertainty in parentheses with the uncertainty understood to apply to the final digit(s) of the datum. This program achieves such formatting, properly accounting for the decimal point, where applicable. The output can be set in standard decimal, scientific, engineering or metric formats. For scientific or engineering, LaTeX formatting is also an option. The number of digits in the uncertainty is also an option (default = 1). If anyone has better suggestions on the name of this function or the title, please let me know!!

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