High Frequency Boost Filtering

High-Frequency Boost Filtering to enhance the appearance of microcalcification in X-ray Mammography Images for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.
Updated 21 Nov 2021

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In image processing, it is often desirable to emphasize high frequency components representing the image details without eliminating low frequency components. The high boost filter can be used to enhance the high frequency components. We can sharpen edges of a image through the amplification and obtain a more clear image. The high boost filter is simply the sharpening operator in image processing. High boost filter is a popular method that allows sharpening in high detail areas but little or no sharpening in flat or smooth areas. A high boost filter is used to retain some of the low-frequency components to and in the interpretation of a image. In high boost filtering the input image f(m,n) is multiplied by an amplification factor A before subtracting the low pass image are discuss as follows.
High boost filter = A × f(m,n) - low pass filter
Adding and subtracting 1 with the amplification factor
High boost filter = (A−1) × f(m,n) + f(m,n) - low pass filter
But f(m,n) - low pass filter = high pass filter
High boost filter = (A−1) × f(m,n) + high pass filter
High boost filter = A × f(m,n) - low pass filter
Implementation of the technique for color images and grayscale images is outright.
h_size = input('Enter the Size of filter : ');
Sigma = input('Enter the value of Sigma : ');
A = input('Enter the value A : ');

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