Weevil Damage Optimization Algorithm (WDOA)

Weevil Damage Optimization Algorithm (WDOA) and Its Applications


Updated 18 Feb 2023

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% Weevil Damage Optimization Algorithm (WDOA) % Paper: % http://www.growingscience.com/jfs/Vol2/jfs_2022_17.pdf %----------------------------------------------------------- % Developed by Seyed Muhammad Hossein Mousavi - (Oct 2022) % Contact : mosavi.a.i.buali@gmail.com %----------------------------------------------------------- % Weevils are a type insect with elongated snouts coming from superfamily of % Curculionoidea with approximately 97,000 species. Most of them consider pest and % cause environmental damages but some kinds like wheat weevil, maize weevil, and % boll weevils are famous to cause huge damage on crops, especially cereal grains. % This research is proposed a novel swarm-based metaheuristics algorithms called % Weevil Damage Optimization Algorithm (WDOA) which mimics weevils’ fly power, % snout power, and damage power on crops or agricultural products. The proposed % algorithm is tested with 12 benchmark unimodal and multimodal artificial landscapes % or optimization test functions. Weevil Damage Optimization Algorithm  (WDOA)

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Mousavi, Seyed Muhammad Hossein, and S. Younes Mirinezhad. “Weevil Damage Optimization Algorithm and Its Applications.” Journal of Future Sustainability, vol. 2, no. 4, Growing Science, 2022, pp. 133–44, doi:10.5267/j.jfs.2022.10.003.

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