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Ultimate Face Recognition v 2.0

version 1.0 (387 KB) by

an excellent face recognition and detection software.

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This software is designed with MATLAB 7.0.1. I have no idea if it works with another versions of matlab. You can find detailed information about the software inside the zip file.

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SK Ahsan

Hello Mr. Bedirhan Sayar
Would You Please Send Paper Against This Code If You Write It Against Any Research Paper.

ThanK You


work is good and explanation is clear...
I have tried this code in matlab 2007b version. but i am getting the error

??? Error using ==> digitalio.digitalio at 93
Error using ==> digitalio.digitalio>localCreateDigitalIOObject at 187
PARALLEL: Could not copy the WINIO.SYS device driver to the System32 directory.

Error in ==> start at 13

what to do?????

nice yaar


Zira (view profile)

hi, can u explain it to me how this work?

hello hello

i have use matlab 7.4 which is latest version of matlab 7.0.1
all function cannot work. unrecognised is display.
some body can explain it.
please help me....


sara (view profile)

keyur mahant

that helps me lot

Wu Li

Excellent work! Thank you!

abhijeet padole

works perfectly
sometime cause prob.

lin ming


jenny b

excellent work! thank u

utsav patel

very nice task which u have grow
& this indirectly very useful in my research. so thanks

rahul gupta

its fantastic

Chris Cab

Thanks for posting it.. It help me so much with my work at uni.

nasim sadri

Trinh Cao

Oh! I'm very sorry Sayar. I just know your idea and I could repair your small error. If any one need. I 'll help you to create more images. Cincerely. Good luck to you! Sayar!

Trinh Cao

It' s better if it can store more pictures and it can create DAT files for more images. Can you help me? Sayar!

Maty Laby

it only works with 2 images, it does not create DAT files for more images

Ketan Patel

Hello sir,
myself ketan patel from mechatronics engineering and i see your project i am really happy with referring this project.
it's relly helpful to me. thanks for it.

rajarao chatla

simply superb

bal krishna Kalidhar

My organisation is interested in indstalling face recognition and identification product to be integrated with CCTV system for Railway plteforms in India.
Please help and forward details of companies and product demo URGEN requirement
Col Kalidhar
V.P Security Systems

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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