Driver for Thorlabs Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensors WFS

Matlab class to control Thorlabs Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensors of WFS series (tested on WFS30-7AR) via .NET interface
Updated 22 Aug 2022

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This is a Matlab driver to control Thorlabs Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensors of WFS series (tested on WFS30-7AR).
It is a class wrapper which calls the Thorlabs Wavefront Sensor software .NET DLL library provided free from the Thorlabs.
Check the GitHub page for possible updates.
Example of usage tested for Thorlabs WFS30-7AR wavefront sensor:
wfs = thorlabswfs; % Create a wavefront sensor object. Shows a list of avialable devices
wfs.connect % Connect the first (default) devce. Alternatively prove a parameter, either DeviceID: wfs.connect(1025) or full Resource Name: wfs.connect('USB::0x1313::0x0000::1025')
wfs.configureDevice % configures the sensor for max resolution (1936x1216 for WFS30-7AR)
wfs.configureDevice(2) % configures the sensor for pre-defined resolution set number 2 = CAM_RES_WFS30_1024. See code for possible values
wfs.setReferencePlane % set WFS reference plane to internal
wfs.adjustImageBrightness % call autoadjustment routine to set Camera Exposure and Gain
wfs.Exposure_Time % display camera Exposure Time
wfs.Master_Gain % display camera Master Gain
wfs.Black_Level_Offset % Set/get the black offset value of the WFS camera. A higher black level will increase the intensity level of a dark camera image.
wfs.Cancel_Wavefront_Tilt = 0 % Flag to cancel average wavefront tip and tilt during calculations
wfs.Dynamic_Noise_Cut = 1; % Flag to use dynamic noise cut features during calculations
wfs.setAveraging(10); % Sets number of images for averaging to 10
wfs.Pupil = [-0.5,-2.0,1.1,1.6] % set the Beam Pupil position [-0.5;-2.0] in mm and Beam Pupil Size [1.1;1.6] in mm
wfs.Beam_Centroid % get 1x4 vector [ctrX, ctrY, diaX, diaY] with Beam Centroid position [X, Y] in mm and Beam diameter [X, Y] in mm
wfs.Pupil = wfs.Beam_Centroid % update pupil position and size with values of calculated beam centroid
img = wfs.Spotfield_Image; % returns a copy of the spotfield image.
figure; imagesc(rot90(img,-1)); axis image; colormap gray % display the spotfield image in a figure
wfs.Zernike_Order = 3; % set number of Zerkine orders. Default number is 4
wfs.Zernike % Outputs a structure with a vector of the Zernike coefficients up to the desired number of Zernike modes, a vector summarizing these coefficients to rms amplitudes for each Zernike order and RoC (radius of curvature) in mm for a spherical wavefront.
wfs.Wavefront % Outputs a structure with Min, Max, Diff, Mean, RMS, Weighted_RMS parameters of the wavefront based on the spot deviations
wfs.FourierOptometric % Outputs a structure with the Fourier and Optometric notations from the Zernike coefficients calculated in function WFS_ZernikeLsf.
wfs.disconnect % Disconnect sensor (not strictly necessary - device is disconnected automatically using destructor)
clear wfs % Clear device object from memory

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Andriy Chmyrov (2024). Driver for Thorlabs Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensors WFS (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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