Spectrum using periodogram method


Updated 13 Jul 2006

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Spectrum using periodogram method

q = spectral(x,dt,win,Wn,ftype,n)
[psdf,f] = spectral(x,dt,win,Wn,ftype,n)
[psdf,psdfc,f] = spectral(x,dt,win,Wn,ftype,n)

Calculates the spectrum for x
using the periodogram method
If a window other than boxcar is used
than the method is refered to as modified
periodogram method.
The confidence intervals are calculated
using the inverse of chi-square CDF.
Also includes a filtering option using the
butterworth filter to see the effect of the
filter on the spectrum

x - Time series, [vector]
dt - Sampling Rate, [scalar]
win - Window, one of:
'hanning', 'hamming', 'boxcar'
Nb - Band Averaging, number of bands to average
P - Probability for confidence intervals
Wn - Cut-Off frequencies, used for filtering
ftype - Type of filter, 'high', 'low' or 'stop'
ncb - Number of coefficients to use in
the Butterworth filter

q - structure with the following fields:
xp - detrended x
f = Frequencies
T - Periods
m - Magnitude
a - Amplitude
s - Power spectrum, Sxx(win), [Power]
psdw - Power Spectral Density, Pxx(win), [Power/rad/sample]
psdf - Power Spectral Density, Pxx(f), [Power/sample-freq]
psdT - Power Spectral Density, Pxx(T), [Power*time-unit]
conf - Upper and Lower Confidence Interval multiplication
factors using chi-squared approach

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Inspired: Calibrated Spectral Analysis, plotpsd

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