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The 3D Set Partitioning In Hierarchical Trees Matlab Code


Updated 20 Jul 2006

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These functions implement the 3D SPIHT algorithm, used for the compression of 3d wavelet coefficients. Such 3d wavelet coefficients are produced during the coding of video sequences.

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obviously the coder is not doing a 3d-dwt,which means he is not doing 3d-spiht


Hello everyone, I have tensor.mat in order 3 with a dimension 2048x2048x30, I want to apply a coding SPIHT 3d, but the problem is that filename must be in cif (video format). someone has an idea to encode my tensor please?

i didn't under stand which file have to be first excuted plz give the file exceted first,input video bcoz i did nt get any videos in the format of cif.very important to me plz send immediately if possible mail input video to

Gary Cao

The 3D spiht implementation itself is very good. But if the author also implements the temporal wavelet decorrelation first, the work will be much better.

Silik Salonik

The creator of this code does not understand what is the meaning of 3D analysis ... The code he provides has nothing to do with 3D-SPIHT ...

haoxp haoxp

Dionysios Athanasopoulos

Mr Mac D,
the role of the 3d SPIHT algorithm is the coding of the wavelet coefficients! The temporal decomposition as well as the spatial is implemented before and independently of the 3d spiht algorithm. The role of the m-file presented is to code the wavelet coefficients and not to implement a video coding system.

Mac D

The creator or this code has completely misunderstood the concepts of 3-D SPIHT. No temporal wavelet decomposition is made, for example...

li hai

We can learn more conveniently form communication ,thank you for your code

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Inspired by: SPIHT

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