Peak finding and measurement, 2019

Version 5.0 (5.39 MB) by Tom O'Haver
Scripts, functions, and mat files to locate, measure, and fit the peaks and valleys in noisy time-series data sets.
Updated 8 Dec 2019

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A set of fast customizable functions for locating and measuring the peaks in noisy time-series signals. Adjustable parameters allow discrimination of "real" signal peaks from noise and background. Determines the position, height, and width of each peak by least-squares curve-fitting. It can find and count over 10,000 peaks per second, and find and measure 1800 peaks per second, in very large signals. Includes two interactive versions, one with mouse-controlled sliders and one with keyboard control, for adjusting the peak finding criteria in real-time. Self-contained demos show how it works.

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Created with R2009a
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m files and mat files 2019

Version Published Release Notes

Greatly expanded and updated. List the files by date modified to see which ones have been changed.

Added several new functions including measurepeaks, autofindpeaks, and autopeaks plus test scripts for each.

Bug fix

Included version 7.7 of iPeak.

Bug fix. Data vectors x and y can be either column or row vectors.

Bug fixes and speed improvements.

This version contains several small corrections, additions, and bug fixes.

This version includes updated versions of several functions.

This version includes updated versions of findpeaksfit.m and findpeaksb.m.

This version includes findpeaksL.m for Lorentzian peaks, and findpeaksGSS.m and findpeaksLSS that compute the 1% start and end positions.

This version includes new command-line functions findpeaksplot.m, findpeaksnr.m, and peakstats.m. plus version 5.3 of iPeak.

Version 5 has faster jumps between peaks with spacebar and tab keys; other small bug fixes.

This version includes some additional demos plus version 4 of the interactive iPeak function.

Typo correction.

This zip file includes version 3.9 of the interactive iPeak function.

This version includes the findvalleys function and version 3.81 of the interactive iPeak function.

Bug fix

Includes the version 3.2 update of iPeak and version 4 of findpeaks.m, as well as the older 2008 version with sliders.

The rtslid.m function in this version has been
modified by commenting out lines 337 and 373
to prevent crashs on Matlab 20078 and 2009,
as recommended by Michael Coen's comment on

Fixes a bug in the FindPeakSlidersG script that caused a malfunction in the individual peak viewing mode when the x-axis data series did not start at zero.

Change to file details