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ITK is a powerful open-source toolkit implementing state-of-the-art algorithms in medical image processing and analysis. MATLAB, on the other hand, is well-known for its easy-to-use, powerful prototyping capabilities that significantly improve productivity.

With the help of MATITK, biomedical image computing researchers familiar with MATLAB can harness the power of ITK algorithms while avoiding learning C++ and dealing with low-level programming issues.

For more details see MATITK project website at

For a detail example usage of MATITK, please visit

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Stefano Gianoli

the link above are not working. You might as well as delete this submission.

Ka Zhang

The help files on the methods allude to functions not in MATITK? How can I use GetDeformationField mentioned in the help file?

Visit for supporting documentation.

Examples of using MATITK are found here:

Publications about MATITK are found here:

For additional support visit:

Martin Bergtholdt

If you want to recompile MATITK (sourcecode is in the ITK repository) my CMakeLists.txt may help:

Seokyoon Choi


a a

It is barely usable without more documentation. Results are not as good as expected.

Carlton Chu

I agree strongly, more examples and documents are needed.

q a

more documentation is need

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