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Helicopter Rotor to Fuselage Vibration Transmission Simulator

version (35.6 KB) by Divahar Jayaraman
Analysis tool for exploring which harmonic of blade vibration will be transmitted to hull and why


Updated 13 Nov 2006

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Usage: you can choose No. of Blades and at which harmonics blade should oscillate, to Visualize how the rotor vibration will be transmitted to fuselage.


Make_Blade.m -- Function that Creates the 3-D Helicopter Rotor Blade (Airfoil Cross section)

Extrude.m -- Function that Creates a 3-D Prismatic shape by extruding a 2-D curve (Constant Cross Section)

Cylinder.m -- Function that Creates a 3-D shape by revolving a 2-D curve around a specified axis.

NACA4412.txt -- Input File that contains the co-ordinates of NACA4412 Airfoil

The above four files are used to make the rotor assembly in 3-D.

Rotor_Harmonics.m -- Function that creates the rotor assembly from the above four functions along with the other visual aids like dynamic blade azimuth angle, wave in the circumference, Hub plane, Shaded Flap angle and etc. The rotor assembly is also developed with other options so that animation and dynamic visualization can be made. The transmission of the harmonics is calculated here for 3-D output

Resultant_Oscillation.m -- Function that produce the wave form of transmitted oscillation to fuselage as 2-d output from the given no. of blades and harmonics.

Rotor_To_Fuselage_Harmonics.m -- GUI code that integrates all the above functions, Animates and create a user interface with no. of options and functions.

Rotor_To_Fuselage_Harmonics.fig ?- GUI fig File where the components of the interface are residing.

Banner.jpg -- jpg file of Author's banner

DOC.doc -- Word Documenet that contains the Descpritions that are given here.

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GUI is having problem with MATLAB 2015b. Is there any solution to this problem.


Such cool simulation


Great simulation, it shows the physics behind why only N/rev harmonics are transmitted to the fuselage



Cool program, really impressive graphics... doesn't seem to actually simulate or do any computation though.

you dj

iii iiiii

suleyman aslan

John D

Keep It Up!!!!!!!!!!

badr benghazi



Cut short summary is shortened for completion.

Small Improvements in the code

typing mistakes..

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