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Complex Exponential Analysis

version (5.78 KB) by Greg Reynolds
Noise and decomposition algorithms for complex exponentials.


Updated 18 Jun 2007

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Algorithms for the preprocessing and analysis of NMR signals and other complex exponentials. Including:
- Cadzow's signal enhancement
- Kumaresan-Tufts decomposition
- HSVD Decomposition
- HTLS Decomposition
- Model order estimation using MDL

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Greg Reynolds (2020). Complex Exponential Analysis (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Wentao Zhao

Wentao Zhao


Can we use known frequencies in these kind of fittings?


You made my work with this package many times easier because I hadn't to write all these hsvd functions by myself just from theoretical papers :D

AWESOME package


To fix the issue commented out in the function lpsvd(y,fs)

replace the line:
b = b + (1/s(1))*(uk'*h)*V(:,k);
b = b + (1/s(k))*(uk'*h)*V(:,k);

azam gholizadeh


Added some missing dependencies.

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