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Hermite interpolation

version (936 Bytes) by Árpád Tóth
This is a solution of Hermite interpolation problem.


Updated 01 Apr 2007

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This is a solution of Hermite interpolation problem.


A=[-1 2 -1 inf; 0 1 inf inf;1 -1 -1 8]

x f(x) f'(x) f''(x) . . .

A =
-1 2 -1 Inf
0 1 Inf Inf
1 -1 -1 8

If you don't know the derive values, just write Inf.

Use this command: difftable(A)
And you can see the divided difference table, and the
symbolic form of approximation polinomial.

The function returns the coefficient vector of polinomial.

You can use this function for calculate Newton form of


A =
-1 2
0 1
1 -1

Author: Árpád Tóth
Eötvös University, Budapest

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Irnal egy olyan peldat amely egy gorbet general ha csak a ket alappontot a,b es a derivaltjat y'(a), y'(b) -t ismered?

Elore is nagyon koszonom

mujiono doeloe

Miss it

kala2703 kala2703


Previusly version contains a mistake. (Missing diveding a factorial)

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