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get image from sysetm clipboard


Updated 11 Apr 2007

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Gets the image data from system clipboard

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Saurabh Kumar (2020). clipboardimage (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Very useful program. MATLAB developers should already have this in their clipboard function. I'm using it in a script to store b&w pics as character strings within mfiles, like dispImageStr(nRows,nCols,'11011010101...'). This is useful for validation work: you can plot your results on the left, and display the copied textbook plot on the right for a quick side-by-side comparison. Great job and thanks.

Jake White

Hey Saurabh Kumar, I thought your program was great. In your routine you access the systems clipboard to get the image data, is it possible to call the system 'print screen' command from within matlab to add image data to the clipboard?

Doug Hull

I was hoping this would let me right click copy an image from a web page and bring into MATLAB. Seems to work only for images from Paint or similar type of programs. Still kind of cool. If this can be made to work as I mentioned above, I would make it Pick of The Week.

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