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SBVP 1.0 Package

version (256 KB) by Ewa Weinmueller
Solves boundary value problems, y'= f(t,y), where f may be singular.


Updated 03 Nov 2009

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SBVP 1.0 (SingularBVP) is designed to solve first order BVPs of the form

y'(t) = f(t,y(t)), a < t < b,
R(y(a),y(b)) = 0.

The right-hand side f may contain singularities of the first kind, f(t,y(t)) = M(t)/(t-a) + g(t,y(t)), where M(t) is a matrix which depends continuously on t and g is a smooth vector-valued function.

The underlying numerical method is collocation. The default choice is collocation at equidistant points, Gaussian points are optional. The code is suitable for a wide range of tolerances. For efficiency, the order of the method is chosen with respect to the prescribed solution accuracy.

We control the global error of the solution, which is estimated using a modified Defect Correction approach. This global error estimate is the basis for a mesh selection strategy where the mesh is adapted in order to equidistribute the global error of the solution.
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Updated to run with MATLAB 6.5. Some minor bugs and inconveniences have been eliminated as well.

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