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Genetic Algorithm

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Genetic Algorithm


Updated 31 Mar 2016

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genetic algorithm (or GA) is a search technique used in computing to find true or approximate solutions to optimization and search problems
for function of 2 variable

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MEKHMOUKH Abdenour (2020). Genetic Algorithm (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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How to use this file...can you please explain which .m file is the main file that i have to run

Bossy Lim

Syed Ali

Dear Richard Crozier, the url you have mentioned is now removed. Kindly update the link. Also if any of the member have used GEATxb to use GA and specially Island model is highly appreciable for the education and application point of view.
Syed Faisal Ali
Assistant Professor
COMSATS IIT, Abbottabad

Well, it's ok, but why not use the matlab GA toolbox, or the free GA toolbox from the evolutionary computing team at the University of Sheffield ( This will search any number of variables, is open source, and has extensive documentation. I don't think this is really adding much to what's already available. In other words, a good project for yourself, but not much use to others, sorry. Perhaps if you specify in the description exactly what your code adds to what's already available?

Juan David Ospina

There is not a enough documentation to use the files. Great effort, keep working.

El Khawarazmi

Great effort and thanks for sharing. Do not let gloomy dumski bring you down. Keep it up.

Dimitri Shvorob

I wish you had added a 'readme' file to explain what this bunch of files is doing and how to use it, instead of dumping a directory onto FEX.

Yacine Mazari





update some files

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