Sensitivity Analysis for ODEs and DAEs

Solves ODE/DAE systems (as ODE15s solver) and studies dependence of solutions wrt parameters.


Updated 6 Sep 2017

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The zip file contains
1) The two m-files, SENS_IND and SENS_SYS.
2) Four MATLAB 5.3 files which are not in Matlab R 6.1 and may be called from SENS_SYS and SENS_IND:
ntrp15s.m, odezero.m, icdae.m, icsdae.m.
3)The file Description.pdf, which explains how to use the functions and gives a short overview of the algorithms.
Both m-files SENS_IND and SENS_SYS have been created as modifications of the ODE15s MATLAB ODE/DAE solver (in fact, have been written "over" it ) so that apart from solving the system, approximate the derivatives of the solution with respect to some parameter(s).
SENS_IND and SENS_SYS use different algorithms for the same task (see the Description.pdf file for small overview).
In the pdf file, you can find as well two examples, one to show the available features and other showing how to use these functions to solve simple BVPs by "single shooting" (The functions have many more possible uses: parameter identification, multiple shooting, small optimal control problems, ...)

The four MATLAB 5.3 files may be set just in the same directory of SENS_IND and SENS_SYS, if you have

Please, e-mail us if you have any comment or find problems.

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Victor M. Garcia Molla (2023). Sensitivity Analysis for ODEs and DAEs (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R11
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Version Published Release Notes

Old versions of the odeset.m and odeget.m functions have been included in the zip file, because in recent Matlab versions these functions have been changed, and do not work properly with sens_sys.m and sens_ind.m

Two bugs corrected, related to handling of init files.
update for bsd license