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HighCorr High Temperature Digital Image Correlation Software

version (17.5 MB) by Robert Thompson
Software optimized to measure the coefficient of thermal expansion using digital image correlation.

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Updated 02 May 2007

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Free, easy to use suite of code developed at The Johns Hopkins University to measure displacement, thermal strain, and the coefficient of thermal expansion using fullfield digital image correlation. New features include a procedure-oriented user interface as well as automatic saving of data files and figures. High resolution .tif example images and a detailed user's guide are also provided in the .zip folder so HighCorr can be tried out. Please be patient while downloading. Enjoy!

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Robert Thompson (2019). HighCorr High Temperature Digital Image Correlation Software (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hi everyone,

First of all, Thanks you a lot for the code, it is helpful for me.

I am spanish student who is doing the final project to finish Industrial Engineering. I have tried your code and I find some difficult, ho to calculate CTE. I have temperatures from 25 º to 90º and I have taken 4 pics. The code, makes NaN the three last Temp and only shows me in the results one point at the first Temp. All Temps are previously written in a txt file. The question is, is the offset time in this case 0?. I do not use any DAT, hardware/software.

Hearfelt thanks.


Ozan Akkus

This is an excellent software which does the job right. It also is very flexible so that one can modify it for his/her own means. A reasonable degree of familiarity with Matlab is essential though. Do not think that you will simply plug in your images and it will work miracles for you. It takes some playing around, adjusting image formats etc. I thank the author for sharing this resource in the public domain, especially given that such softwares cost $10,000+ from commercial entities. Heartfelt thanks Robert.

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Inspired by: Digital Image Correlation and Tracking