2D Histogram Matrix

Returns a matrix of number of points in each bins defined by two vectors.
Updated 18 Jul 2006

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function mHist = hist2d ([vY, vX], vYEdge, vXEdge)
2 Dimensional Histogram
Counts number of points in the bins defined by vYEdge, vXEdge.
size(vX) == size(vY) == [n,1]
size(mHist) == [length(vYEdge) -1, length(vXEdge) -1]


mYX = rand(100,2);
vXEdge = linspace(0,1,10);
vYEdge = linspace(0,1,20);
mHist2d = hist2d(mYX,vYEdge,vXEdge);

nXBins = length(vXEdge);
nYBins = length(vYEdge);
vXLabel = 0.5*(vXEdge(1:(nXBins-1))+vXEdge(2:nXBins));
vYLabel = 0.5*(vYEdge(1:(nYBins-1))+vYEdge(2:nYBins));
pcolor(vXLabel, vYLabel,mHist2d); colorbar

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