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Adds a context menu to allow quick saving of matlab figures to Powerpoint (ppt), Word (doc), JPG and


Updated 29 Mar 2016

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Quick_Figure function adds context menus to a matlab figure that allows you to save to multiple formats for quick and easy use of plots in reports and presentations. Currently, quick_figure can save to Powerpoint (ppt), Word (doc), JPG, PDF, and Fig. This function uses a modified version of the saveppt and save2word functions - instead of copying the figure to the windows clipboard, the new function inserts an image of the plot to the document, allowing for a better looking result.
Usage is fairly simple, instead of typing
>> figure;
Type the following for a figure with the context menu already added:
>> quick_figure;
Type the following to add the context menu to any figure:
>> quick_figure('on');

Various preferences for the quick_figure functions are saved in the quick_figure_prefs.m file.

These functions require Ghostscript 8.51 or later, Powerpoint/Word 2003 or later.


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Comments and Ratings (7)

I tried using this code in matlab 6.5 with ppt 2003 but i didn have success. Is it possible to use this code in matlab 6.5?
Any another solution if i wanna plot with matlab in ppt 2003?

Thanks in Advance

Luis Schettino

A more detailed user guide would be useful. If ghostscript is not installed in your machine you will see an error such as: the system cannot find the specified path. Obtain ghostscript at:
Also, in case this is not clear, the context menu is visible when you right-click on the gray border of the figure window.
Other than that, the program works great. Thanks!

Lori M

Works very well.

James C

Excellent - works very well! The plots look very good in Powerpoint and in Word. Something like this should be built into Matlab. One note that the context menu comes up when you right click only on the figure and not the axes of the plot itself.

Zach Lewis

I've updated this script, fixing a few bugs and making it easier to use. The new script contains two m files, one containing the quick_figure function and subfunctions, the other containing the settings for the function to use.

Richard Pappa

This program is Excellent. Just create a figure, type 'quick_save_menu' in Command Window, then right click the figure. In the drop down menu select 'Quick Save to PPT' or 'Quick Save to DOC'. Creates the .ppt file or .doc file in the file specified in quick_figure_prefs.m. By default it's created in C:\

q t

Does not run. Need clear user guide.


BSD License

I've updated the quick figure functions to simplify things a bit. All of the functions have now been consolidated into one m file and one preferences file.


MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2006a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: saveppt, save2word, savefig