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Ball & Beam Demo

version (2.3 MB) by Jeffrey Kantor
BALLBEAM demonsrates Proportional-Derivative (PD) control using a ball and beam simulation.


Updated 20 Feb 2016

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Interactive demonstration of feedback control for a ball and beam system.

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Jeffrey Kantor (2020). Ball & Beam Demo (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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what about value of g used

Super Cool

thank you for this usefull demo,I need a simulation file.


Super cool!



Best Evaaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!!

henry dinh

mor sal

it is very good

mehdi sajjadi

I only can say perfect.Avery good refrence fro stundents that they have problem in their projects.

Daniel Oldjira Fufa

It is cool. Thank you for it.


fsdf fdf

Alex Osk

Muhammad Abid

Ary Bachtiar

Fahad Al Mahmood

Good Demo!


Fix typo.

Updated with fixes to graphics, and to provide a summary chart of the simulation results.

Update as a Matlab Toolbox

Fix an error that sometimes occurs in the PD mode of the simulation.

Updated for release Matlab 2010b with additional documentation and suggested classroom exercises.

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