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SPIDER simulation

version (5.48 KB) by Adam Wyatt
Simulates spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction (SPIDER).


Updated 22 Jan 2009

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This script simulates an electromagnetic pulse, a spectral phase interferometry for direct electric field reconstruction (SPIDER) measurement and reconstruction and compares it to the true electric field in time in the presence of noise (additive, multiplicative, quantative and in the delay).

Play about with different values of the noise, different pulse parameters and compare the different reconstruction algorithms.

Remember to change the filter to extract the complete sideband if you change the pulse to be measured.

Details can be found at:
C. Iaconis and I. A. Walmsley, "Spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction of ultrashort optical pulses," Opt. Lett. 23(10), p. 792-794 (1998).

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More thanks;

I was search for cyclomatic-complexity in several matlab's files. I was peruse your more matlab programs for cyclomatic-complexity levels and this complexity-applications are very terrifically.

I wonder, are you use the several programs for cyclomatic-complexity analysis than can you with share us ?.

I was look your matlab file's code-metrics of full-reports to maximum cyclomatix-complexity.

Cyclomatic Complexity:

Adam Wyatt

I'm not sure what you mean by cyclomatic complexity. If you are referring to the Wigner distribution (aka Chronocyclic representation) then I also have a file to calculate that (although I would like to modify it).

This was written as a script as an example, but functions could be generated if one would like.

The code was written in a way to aid readability & understanding, rather than the way I would do it normally.

Your English is not too clear, so I do not understand the latter points (sorry).


Dear Adam Wyatt

[1] Plainly, this matlab program's very usefully to spectral-interferometric of graphical-transform. (+)

[2] Especially, I am searching contributory of cyclomatic complexty in several matlab-file's and this file was very helpful for me. (+)

[3] If you will be this function make a one sub-function than it's more usefully for users. (-)

[4] Use the Matlab's code and procedure application is not regular-format (-)

If you use the several analysis program for cyclomatic complexity than can you share we?

Good works, Best Regards

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