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Parabola detection using Hough Transform

version (1.07 KB) by Clara Isabel Sánchez
Find parabolas with specific vertex in a binary image via Hough Transform.


Updated 08 Aug 2007

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Function uses Standard Hough Transform to detect parabola in a binary image. According to the Hough Transform, each pixel in image space corresponds to a parabola in Hough space and vise versa. This function uses the representation of parabola : [(y-centroy)*cos(phi)-(x-centrox)*sin(phi)]^2=...
...=4*p*[(y-centroy)*sin(phi)+(x-centrox)*cos(phi)] to detect parabola in binary image. Upper left corner of image is the origin of coordinate system.

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Mayank Garg


Alaa (view profile)

How can I use the output parameter to plot the parabola ??


maram (view profile)

how to use the output values on the image?

jhon chandra

can any one hlpe for full code...

ahmed elshabasy

show the draw

vicky salamena

i,m very interest for simulink on matlab

vicky salamena

i'm very interest to matlab simulink


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