The chi-squared test.
Updated 30 Aug 2007

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Usage: [p, Q]= chi2test(x)

The chi-squared test.

Given a number of samples this function tests the hypothesis that the samples are
independent. If Q > chi2(p, nu), the hypothesis is rejected.

Each column represents a variables, each row a sample.

If you find any errors, please let me know: .

x Absolut numbers.
p The prob ability value, calculated from Q.
Q The resulting Q-value.

In region A, 324 of 556 cows were red, whereas in region B 98 of 260 were red.
[p, Q]= chi2test([324, 556-324; 98, 260-98])
p= 4.2073e-08
Q= 30.0515
With an error risk of about 4e-08, we can claim that the samples are independent.

Throw two different dices to see if they have the same probability of 1 (and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
We don't check if they are symetrical, only if the both behave in the same way.
[p,Q] = chi2test([15,10; 7,11; 9,7; 20,15; 26,21; 19,16])
p= 0.8200
Q = 2.2059
The dices don't significantly behave differently. That is, they seem to behave in the same way.

HISTORY: v.1.0, first working version, 2007-08-30.

COPYRIGHT: (c) 2007 Peder Axensten. Use at own risk.

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