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Searches the file system for files or folders matching a wildcard pattern


Updated 20 Sep 2007

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WILDCARDSEARCH(ROOTDIR, SEARCHSTRING) Searches the file system from the starting directory ROOTDIR for files and folders matching the pattern SEARCHSTRING. The function WILDCARDSEARCH is similar to the search file option in Explorer.

Have a look at the source code for more information. For more info on this function and how to use it, bug reports, feature requests, etc. feel free to contact the author.

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Bob Hamans (2021). wildcardsearch (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Glenn Gomes

Well written and very useful.

Small bug was crashing program when it encountered empty folders, which has been fixed.

A version has been written to work over FTP servers (including passive mode), so that you can search for files recursively and upload all files matching specified criteria.



Bob Hamans

Example 1: Finds all jpg and tif files:
rootdir = 'C:\'
searchstr = '*.jpg;*.tif';
files = wildcardsearch(rootdir, searchstr);

Example 2: Finds all files named EXPxxx.DAT:
rootdir = 'C:\'
searchstr = 'EXP???.DAT';
files = wildcardsearch(rootdir, searchstr);

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