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Mooring Design and Dynamics

version (1.72 MB) by Richard Dewey
MD&D is a toolbox for designing and testing single point oceanographic moorings.


Updated 10 Nov 2016

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MD&D is a MATLAB toolbox for design and then testing single point oceanographic moorings influenced by currents and wind. The supplied database will allow you to build a mooring and test it under typical current conditions, or force it by a time series of current profiles to generate a time series of mooring shapes and component positions.

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yingjia tao


To start the main program and GUI, type at the Matlab prompt:


Sorry it's not more obvious. This is an old but useful bit of code. It does take getting use to, and the order one clicks the buttons does matter. The Users Guide give lots of details about how to run it, design a mooring, and evaluate it. Worst case, contact me, I'm still around.


How can i run the GUI !!!!?

Dirk Kalmbach

Sehr hilfreich!
Very helpful!

m w schouten

We used this program extensively in recovering otherwise lost moorings. Once you're used to it, it is a very helpfull piece of software.

Jake Royle

Good piece of Software, takes a bit of getting used to, but I desighned a mooring using this piece of kit 2 years ago... and its still there now!!

Madjid Nouranian


This latest version (v2.3, Nov 2016) fixes a bug for towed cylinders.

Small improvements, stability, no major change to solutions.

A slight correction to the tilted cable lift force calculations was implemented in version 2.2 (April 2009)

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